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A little bit about us...

With nothing more than a passion for horses, a dream and a little bit of land, Diamond K Ranch was created. Tom and Jean were the original creators of DKR, with the addition of their son John and his wife Bernice King the business really started to take off! A few years down the rode John and Bernice added Erin, Kayla and myself to the program. Three little cuties lucky enough to grow up going to horse shows and spending as much time as they could outside helping with the horses.

Over 50+ years of continued devotion to breeding versatile horses for everyday use. We feel we have built a reputation that speaks for itself! A well bred, structurally sound, sought after confirmation, all wrapped up in a pretty package. We have worked very hard at finding bloodlines that we love and trust, we feel this is important in providing prospects you love and trust. We want to be able to be able to provide you with a prospect that fits your needs. Our broodmares and stallions are almost all home raised and bred, giving us the utmost faith in helping you find your perfect match!

Our operation continues to grow and evolve overtime, if it didn't we would never improve. As of today our equine operation is operating around 120 broodmares with nine stallions. We love seeing our handpicked crosses arrive in the spring and then matching them with their new owners in the fall! We look forward to the little ones arriving this April-June and can't wait to watch them grow all summer!


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