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Each one of our stallions were hand picked and are an integral part of our operation. Some bloodline include....

Reference Sires 

The man power behind Diamond K Ranch! We have compiled a list of our current reference sires. These stallions below are structurally correct, have a good head between their ears, and produce foals that can go in a verity of directions! 

We have hand picked these boys and we couldn't do it without them! 

(Click on image to see full photo.

Click on Stallion name for Pedigree)


Legend Status

It is always extremely hard when you lose a piece of your program. It is especially hard when you lose a piece that has been around for a very long time and that have such an impact in your program. We have had the pleasure of owning a variety of stallions over the years and when the special ones leave us, we give them Legend Status. Here are a few of the stallions we have lost recently that had an impact in our breeding program.


We don't have photos of all of our Legends, and they all deserve to be noted.

Super Nice, Saska Sunny Boy, Super Trader Bar, Sorta Sunny, McArthurs Geno. Johhny Joak, Tallymine.

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